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If your wish is to make an investment in the Spanish primary sector, in Invigolegal, we advise you in the integral development of your project. Our team has an extensive knowledge in the laws which regulates production, distribution, and commercialization of the primary products. Our team will make sure your transaction will be under all existing regulations and will allow your company to differentiate in a competitive market and to adapt with confidence to any type of change.

We take care of the management of public grants, communitarian and national permissions which will allow and enable the development of agricultural projects in the rural environment (wineries, agricultural crops, livestock farms, …).

If you require our services, do not hesitate in contact us.

Take advantage of opportunities in the primary sector with our expert advice. Discover how our strategies can boost your investments. Let’s talk about your success in the primary sector!

Investment Advice in the Primary Sector

Benefits with Invigo Legal

Lucrative Opportunities

We identify investment opportunities in the primary sector that can generate solid long-term returns.

Risk management

We evaluate and manage the risks associated with investments in this sector, protecting your capital.


We help diversify your investment portfolio with assets in the primary sector, reducing exposure to the volatility of other markets.

Conocimiento Especializado

Our primary sector experts provide up-to-date information and in-depth analysis to support your investment decisions.


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